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Thanks to the university, I started helping my mother with marketing and in 2017 I launched a Katré website via WIX which has been a long and winding road. After a few years, sales have started to come through, and the real result has motivated me to learn and develop more. It came with the knowledge that when building your brand, you need to know everything about it.

Running a company in a mindful way takes constant decision-making. It means taking responsibility for how operations affect people and the environment. 

Being accountable for the actions I take, as they affect the present and the future. 

We believe in more than just selling clothes and therefore we work with integrity. 

The biggest challenge is to focus on one thing and learn to do it to the end. It usually happens that when you start to get deeper into one thing, all the other things are involved and an endless circle is created, because there is a lot of information and practices.

If I grow, the company grows with me. I am proud of how the company has grown but it’s still far from perfect. The world never stops, so I never settle. It’s the small everyday improvements that make a big difference. 


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