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Katré  is a recognized craftsman and fashion designer in Estonia, whose work bears the acknowledgement of CERTIFIED as Recognized Estonian Handicraft. The further development of Estonian national handicrafts is Katré's daily work because folk costumes and folk art are the sources of her inspiration. Estonian nationality in her work has been restrained as well as delicate - who sees, looks, who looks, sees. Katre can also be called an inventor, she has taken the traditional patchwork techniques to the next level, and created their own "glove technique" and a "hidden button technique".

Katré loves to create personal and unique clothes, thinking about the uniqueness of each client. Katré's design dresses are all unique while recognizing her special author's pattern motifs. Her collections have been performed at Tallinn Fashion Week and the Estonian Fashion Festival.


Katré’s range of designed products includes stylish backpacks, unique shoulder and handbags, designer dresses, and T-shirts. The 3in1 bags designed by Katré and handmade in Estonia are practical, they have an easily retractable strap allowing you to carry the bag in three different ways: backpack, shoulder bag, handbag.

Katré loves sustainable design, the craft bags she creates are all made of durable furniture industry fabric leftovers. Thus, all bags have a limited quantity, each subsequent bag is slightly different from the previous one. When you buy a Katré bag, you get a unique, comfortable, and faithful companion for many years. 

Katré's heart is a clean environment, recycling, and reuse. New fabrics, the tasteful combination of recycled materials and production residues help to "save" many materials that end up in landfills.

Design clothes, backpacks, handbags, and shoulder bags designed by Katré and made in Estonia. Just for you if you want to feel special!

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Hi! I'm Triinu. My mother is Katre who owns the brand Katré and thanks to her I also have a sense of fashion. I have always been very interested in and excited about fashion. The earliest memories I have are me browsing Vogue magazine and dreaming of wearing all these great masterpieces.


By nature, I have always tried new things, so dreams took me out of my homeland.

I received my bachelor's degree from a design and business school in Denmark called VIA University College. I am extremely grateful for this experience, which broadened my view of the world. I have experienced that life is not just black and white as it often seems to us.


I've always been my mother's muse and now is the time to take steps to express my own creativity. The road has led me to become Katré's brand manager and I am ready to share the masterpieces of hers in my own vision.

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